Friday, December 18, 2009

Mistress's Two Guests

My mistress was having guests over for dinner and had made sure I was completely sissified. My hair and makeup were done flawlessly, as were my long nails. I had on my short maid's dress and stockings, held up by a garter belt, of course. The garters could be seen peeking out from under my petticoats.

We were both in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Mistress went off to answer it while I continued working, nervously. I had never been shown off like this before. Soon I heard voices happily greeting each other. Then I heard Mistress calling me "Tinkerbell!, come here and meet our guests!".

Dreading this moment, I came out slowly. Mistress told me to hurry up, "...or Daddy will spank you. You wouldn't want that would you Tinkerbell?". Oh how I hated that word. I hated that she made me call her "Daddy". It felt so dirty and wrong to say it, but she insisted. And of course when I submitted to her and said it, that act of submission turned me on. And the fact that I was being turned on by by calling her Daddy was so shameful, which was also a turn on.

"No Daddy, I am sorry, I don't want to be spanked." I stood there, completely humiliated to call her Daddy in front of other people. I wished I could disappear, but what choice did I have. I knew she would spank me viciously if I didn't do as as she wanted.

Her two guests were clearly a couple. The man was smirking at me and his eyes were roving over my body. It made me very uncomfortable. The woman was laughing out loud. "Nadia, aren't you going to introduce us to your new sissy!".

"Of course! Tinkerbell, this is Sandra and this is Ron. You may call them Mistress and Master while they are here."

"Yes Daddy." My face was bright red with shame.

My mistress took their coats and handed them to me. She put one in each of my hands and told me to hold them up at shoulder level, to the sides. Then she had me twirl so her guests could have a good look at me. I tried to be as graceful as possible in my heels.

Sandra was still giggling and stepped right up to me, casually sticking her hand between my thighs. "She is so smooth, it feels like she has been waxed!" She moved her hand up and grabbed my clitty. "And she is so hard! That is so funny! Tinkerbell why are you so hard? Do you like to be dressed like a girly girl and made to call your mistress Daddy in front of other people? What do you think you could do with this hard clitty? Do you think anyone will ever let you fuck them with it? You do know that is just not going to happen don't you? Ron, feel it!"

Ron reached under and grabbed my hard clitty and laughed. "You are right, she must just love being a shameful little sissy girl!"

I had thought I was humiliated before, but being casually fondled like I was some kind of sex object was just too much! I couldn't even move my mouth.

Mistress Nadia said "I think I am going to put her on estrogen. I think having breasts would help her to realize she isn't a boy at all." Fuck! Now I was scared! She continued "Her clitty won't be able to get hard, but I don't mind. She'll just have to learn some new way to cum. Ron, do you think you could help her?"

Ron laughed "Oh yeah! Tinkerbell, I have helped lots of sissies learn to cum without touching their clitties. Soon you will be on your knees begging me for my cock, in your mouth and in your ass. I'll make sure you beg with convincing enthusiasm before I let you cum! We don't have to wait for the estrogen to begin, what do you say?"

Monday, December 14, 2009

count back from 100

As the anesthesiologist told me to count backwards from 100, my mistress leaned over and whispered into my ear: "sissy, when you wake up, you will find some changes have been made. Your face will be very feminine. You will have an implant that drips hormones into your system, giving you lovely breasts, a big butt and smooth, hairless skin. You also won't be able to get that little clitty hard any more, no matter how much you try. And you will try, because you will be more desperately horny than you have ever been. You are just going to have to learn how to cum another way."