Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't believe it took me so long to find these humiliating panties. I just love the idea of clothing with humiliating words, telling the world what I am.

I imagine my mistress has me get all done up for a play party, with a short skirt and she slides the panties on me without me even knowing what they are. Later she bends me over a horse and slides up my skirt so every one can see. I hear laughing and giggling but don't know why. My mistress has me look back at her and I see a flash.

Smiling she walks over to me and shows me the photo on the camera. I can see my surprised face and that there are words, but I can't make them out on the tiny screen. Mistress giggles and says I should ask someone what they say, since everyone else can read them. Finally a couple come over to me, grinning.

The woman says that I must really be a slut if I advertise to blatantly that "I love sucking cocks". My cheeks burn with shame and I just hang my head. The man says "awww, don't feel bad sissy, I can give you something you want."


  1. I love those panties too! I have added a pair to my shopping cart, for my next big order. They have such wonderful sissy clothes at Birchplace.
    Have fun now!

  2. Ooh, which saying did you get Nikki?

  3. oh! my! goodness!
    i simply must have a pair...

  4. i've seen theses panties at the Birchplace Shop (it seems to be the same online store in the back office) but at these pictures they had one of those REAR holes for Anal Sex access...!

    Oh my Goddess - this was really so naughty! So i simply had to have a rear hole in my Satin Adult Baby Romper which i got from 'my' Mistress as a birthday present!

    sissy moan

  5. It's all in good fun sweetly and your Mistress had a good time. So pleasure had by alll.

    And I love panties with sayings as well.