Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cam slut

Yesterday I got all done up and looked pretty hot! Putting on makeup twice a day will improve your skills quickly! My eyes looked good and my puffy shiny lips were very attention-grabbing. You may have seen my tight, short, pink pvc dress before.

Then I logged onto camfrog and went into the gay chat room. It still surprises me, but I get more interest from the folks in the gay room than I do in the bi room. And I want interest! I want people to get horny when they look at me, that makes me horny!

I think camfrog is kind of broken, but one thing it does it let me see who else in the room is watching me, which is key! I set up the cam to point at my face and chest. One hand held a very small vibrator that let me tease my nipple and the other hand was out of sight of the cam, below. Not that I think anyone thought I was a genetic handle was 'sissytrixie' and I had chosen a male icon.

I do hate choosing a male icon, but it seems to head off some of the annoying behavior of the morons who seem to think it is important that they stop anyone from accidentally looking at a tgirl by endlessly broadcasting my nature to the room.

Pretty soon I had some watchers and some guys im'ing me asking for private shows. All fuel for my fire. As much as it turned me on to be watched, it was also inhibiting in that I could not cum while being aware of it.

I ended up reaching around in my mind for deep dark fantasies and ended up in one that I've never latched onto before. I imagined that some masculine (strong, with some grey hair) gay man took me home and made me his sissy bitch. He would fuck me and the sex would melt my mind to the point where I didn't want to be anything but his sissy 100% of the time. He would lock me into a chastity device, put me on hormones and grab my budding breasts, making me delirious! He would make me introduce him to my real life friends, with me dressed as a sissy and make me call him 'daddy' in front of them, with me hanging all over him, clearly in love.

That fantasy was enough to distract me from being watched and I lost myself in it and finally (it took a fairly long time) climaxed. My face and chest were still on cam, but nothing else. But from the ims to me at that point, it was clearly obvious to my audience that I had cum. I guess I tend to be pretty demonstrative :)