Sunday, November 1, 2009

My previous post (repeating "I want to suck his cock" over and over) was an assignment from my mistress and I had to do it before I was allowed to go buy some light pink lipstick. Imagine how much of a sissy I am already that being allowed to buy pink lipstick is a reward! And I was so excited to go buy it!

I had my legs waxed yesterday and I went into Walgreens today with shorts on. Nobody seemed to notice! They didn't have very light pink lipstick, so I got some darker pink, and some light pink lip gloss, and nail polish!

I feel like such a limp wristed sissy and I love it! I wish I could call my mistress but she isn't available right now.

I have been wearing my pink lipstick with thick loads of pink lip gloss over it. I cannot stop looking in the mirror. I even made myself cum while staring at my sexy lips and am excited all over again, writing about it!