Sunday, November 1, 2009

My previous post (repeating "I want to suck his cock" over and over) was an assignment from my mistress and I had to do it before I was allowed to go buy some light pink lipstick. Imagine how much of a sissy I am already that being allowed to buy pink lipstick is a reward! And I was so excited to go buy it!

I had my legs waxed yesterday and I went into Walgreens today with shorts on. Nobody seemed to notice! They didn't have very light pink lipstick, so I got some darker pink, and some light pink lip gloss, and nail polish!

I feel like such a limp wristed sissy and I love it! I wish I could call my mistress but she isn't available right now.

I have been wearing my pink lipstick with thick loads of pink lip gloss over it. I cannot stop looking in the mirror. I even made myself cum while staring at my sexy lips and am excited all over again, writing about it!


  1. Oh My! Would loved to have bumped in to you at Walgreen's Baby. I go there too dressed much the same as you as such a total swishy fairy. Luv the looks from others in the store...some outraged, some with admiration, and some hits leading to a BJ in their car, ummmmmm.
    Like you, I too have a terrible lipstick fetish...outlined, thick and glossy. I think a Queen's mouth should resemble an aroused woman's pussy,all wet and glossy, glowing pink or red...ready for cock. Definitely a very strong cock magnet. Agree, Honey?

    Kiss Kiss
    Miss DeeLiscious aka michelle ....a confirmed DQ Cock Sucker

  2. I feel like I really need to practice putting on my makeup more, including my lipstick, but yes, shiny gooey lipgloss is a must!