Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mouth Gags

I have always been fascinated by gags. The way a girl looks with her lipsticked lips stretched around a gag is delicious, and of course I want to be that girl! Once I was at a play party and someone put a gag on me and for the first time I was wearing one in front of other was so hot to have the power of speech completely taken away from me.

This harness style gag has always fascinated me. I imagine being made to wear that at some kind of bdsm party. Not only does it remove speech, but it treats the sub like a domesticated animal. So humiliating! I think a leash would be required with it.

I bought this penis gag. On the inside is a tiny little penis! Really I think I was sold by the hot model. That look she gives the camera is just so slutty!

It turns out the gag is made of some kind of nasty chemicals that makes it taste like gasoline (really!). So that got thrown out quickly.

This is the current gag I really like. There is something very soothing about it in my mouth. It pushes me down into subspace when I wear it. Unfortunately, it does not look sexy on (it covers up the mouth completely, rather than showing off my lipsticked lips).

Now though, I wish I had one with a bigger penis. One that would push further down my throat, maybe an extra inch or so.

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  1. oohh i couldn't agree more!
    i think it's because sissies need something in their mouths to remind them..