Monday, April 5, 2010


So I bought some women's jeans for the first time:, finally.

It took a while to arrive and I had kind of lost interest by the time they did, but eventually I tried them on, and they were sooooo exciting! I stood in front of the mirror posing in them.

I'm not completely sure why they get me going so much, but I think it is because some part of me imagines going out in public in them. I think I need to wear my high-heel wedges with them, and my corset.

And the really good news is that even though they looked really hot, they were a size too big! I need a smaller size, yay!

1 comment:

  1. I've actually gotten jeans from alloy before. Jeans of today are so much better than 20 yrs ago. Women's jeans if today, generally have a little stretch to them.

    Years back, they were high rise, as well as cut a girl in half, before they give an inch. Today's jeans are a bit low rise. More chances to show a thing here and there. Giggles/

    Alloy usually is right on it, for getting shipments out though. Really shocked you had to wait that long. Hoping that doesn't sway your decision from buying from them again.